African Amethyst for sale 10x9x6mm 3 cts 0791C

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  • African Amethyst for sale 10x9x6mm 3 cts 0791C
  • 0791C
  • amethyst
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African Amethyst for sale 10x9x6mm 3 cts 0791C Summary

African Amethyst for sale 10x9x6mm 3 cts  0791C
100% real not man made but genuine from the earth gemstone.
100% Genuine and natural no treatment.
100% money back if not happy.

Mohs hardness: 7

Refractive index: 1.544-1.553

Critical angle: 40°

Specific gravity: 2.63-2.65

Cleavage: None

Fracture: Conchoidal, brittle.

Dispersion: Medium (.013)

Heat sensitivity: Low

Pleochroism: Amethyst: very weak (purple to grayish purple); Natural citrine: weak (yellow to light-yellow); Prasiolite: very weak (light-green to paler green); Rock crystal: colorless, no dichroism; Rose quartz: weak (pink to paler pink); Natural dark smoky: definite (brown to reddish-brown).

Birefringence (double refraction): Weak (.009)

Crystal structure: Hexagonal

Treatments: Oro Verde, lemon citrine, smoketrine and most dark gray smoky quartz without any brown tones are all irradiated.  Citrines are often heat treated to improve color and give a reddish tint.  Most citrine is amethyst that has been heat treated.  Some smoky can be heated to create citrine.  Prasiolite is heat treated amethyst and citrine from one locality.

Cutting: Quartz cuts easily.  Pre-polishing with 1200 Nubond or 3000 standard lap will make polishing much quicker and more enjoyable.

Polishing: Cerium oxide on most common polishing laps.



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