500 cts Green Quartz Natural 65x35x35 MM 1667F

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  • 500 cts Green Quartz Natural 65x35x35 MM 1667F
  • 1667F
  • Quartz
  • $10.00 inc. tax

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500 cts Green Quartz Natural 65x35x35 MM 1667F Summary

500 cts Green Quartz Natural 65x35x35 MM 1667F

The stones in the photo are the stones you will receive.

$10.00 for shown as one lot.

Tommysrocks is a U.S.A Based Company, all Items shipped from Hastings Florida.

Mohs hardness: 7

Refractive index: 1.544-1.553

Critical angle: 40°

Specific gravity: 2.63-2.65

Cleavage: None

Fracture: Conchoidal, brittle.

Dispersion: Medium (.013)

Heat sensitivity: Low

Pleochroism: Amethyst: very weak (purple to grayish purple); Natural citrine: weak (yellow to light-yellow); Prasiolite: very weak (light-green to paler green); Rock crystal: colorless, no dichroism; Rose quartz: weak (pink to paler pink); Natural dark smoky: definite (brown to reddish-brown).

Birefringence (double refraction): Weak (.009)

Crystal structure: Hexagonal


Cutting: Quartz cuts easily.  Pre-polishing with 1200 Nubond or 3000 standard lap will make polishing much quicker and more enjoyable.

Polishing: Cerium oxide on most common polishing laps.


Green Quartz is the name given to a variety of Quartz that contains inclusions of both chromium or chlorite interspersed within the Quartzs crystalline matrix to give a solid green appearance.

The frequency of green Quartz connects to the heart chakra. It opens and stabilizes this chakra so that one is able to resonate with the positive vibrational energies of love.

Green Quartz helps one to be emotional balanced and stable and to acknowledge and release negative emotional energies held within ones cellular memory.

Green Quartz has a transformational energy, aiding one in the transformation of negative energies into positive energies, thus aiding with the “healing” of energies on all levels

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