1 ct 10x7x5 mm Peridot loose faceted cut 1600C

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  • 1 ct 10x7x5 mm Peridot loose faceted cut 1600C
  • 1600C
  • peridot
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1 ct 10x7x5 mm Peridot loose faceted cut 1600C Summary

1 ct 10x7x5 mm Peridot loose faceted cut 1600C

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100% real not man made but genuine from the earth gemstone.
100% Genuine and natural no treatment.
100% money back if not happy.

General Gemstone Details
At one time, Peridot was more valuable than diamonds. This gemstone is actually known by three names Peridot, Chrysolith and Olivin, because peridot is the gemstone variety of the olivin mineral. In the gemstone trade it is generally called peridot, a name derived from the Greek word peridona, with a meaning along the lines of giving plenty.  
Peridot is one of the few gemstones which exist only in one color. Finest traces of iron account for the deep green color with a slight golden hue. Chemically Peridot is just an iron-magnesium-silicate, and the intensity of color depends on the amount of iron contained. The color as such can come in any variation from yellow-green and olive to brownish green. Peridot is not especially hard – it only achieves about 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs´ scale – and yet it is easy to care for and quite robust.

The most beautiful stones come from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. Peridot as gemstone does also exist in Myanmar, China, the USA, Africa and Australia. Stones from East Burma, todays Myanmar, show a vivid green with fine silky inclusions. Peridot from the American state of Arizona, where it is quite popular in Native Indian jewelry, often shows a yellowish to golden brown shade.


Scientific Properties
Mohs Hardness of 6.5 with a orthorhombic crystal structure.
Peridot is gem quality specimens of the mineral olivine. Peridot has an olive or bottle green color that is due to the presence of iron, and a distinctive oily or greasy luster.  Sources of peridot include Egypt (St. John's Island), China, Myanmar, Brazil, Norway and the USA as well as Australia and South Africa.   The Crusaders brought peridot to Europe in the Middle Ages from St. John's Island in the Red Sea, where it has been mined for over 3,500 years.




Mystical Properties
Peridot is told to  have the ability to bring healing and vitality to the whole body. It it said to increase patience, confidence and assertiveness. Stories told since ancient times about how this gemstone has the ability to slow the aging process.
The joyful and friendly energy of this stone helps to make and seal friendships, it clears the heart, releases the ego, which in turn cleanses jealousy and anger, hence bringing about a sense of peace and quiet amusement.

A visionary stone, peridot helps connect us to our destinies and to an understanding of the purpose of existence. Can assist us in visualize not only the ultimate peak of physical but of spiritual continuation as well. However, if you are confused or fearful, Peridot should be used in a limited way, as it releases toxins and brings them to the surface, thus neutralizing them.




Healing Properties
Peridot reduces stress, stimulates the mind, and amplifies intuitive awareness. It is most useful as a balancer of the glandular system, as peridot assists with tissue regeneration and purifies the body by strengthening the blood.  It is also told to aid in digestion and to reduce fever.
Commonly used  in treating emotional states such as anger or jealousy and irritation. It's color as well as the stone, Inspires healing, renewal, purification, rebirth and growth. It has the power to heal hurt feelings and mend damaged relationships.

It is especially good for healing the healers.



Magical Properties
Energy Receptive
Element Earth
Associated Metal Gold
Powers Protection, wealth, health, sleep 
Peridot is indeed a springtime gemstone, well beyond it's bemusing springtime color, as it has the ability to project you into a new life cycle.  If you seem to be stuck and not moving forward, use peridot along with a white and green candle.

By aligning the subtle bodies and increasing the desire for personal growth, it can lead one to new doors of opportunity. Peridot can also help you discover your destiny or purpose in life. It opens one up to new challenges and adventures.  It is also helpful in warding off evil spirits.


Associations Venus and Sun
Traditional Birthstone for the Month of August.

Stone of Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius. To dream of peridot signifies that you need to be cautious for a period of time.



Chakra Classification
Clears 4th, Heart Chakra pathway, strengthening breath of life, prosperity, growth and openness. Peridot when used to cleanse and to stimulate the 4th, Heart Chakra and 3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra, brings openness and acceptance to the intellectual pursuit in matters of love and relationships.
For specific chakra work though, because

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